Solar combined with granular reporting significantly reduces energy costs

Solar power generation is nothing new, but with the rising rates of energy and reductions in solar panel costs, many businesses are taking a fresh look at solar power to reduce the impact of energy costs on their business.

Solar is a great way to generate electricity, but most PV suppliers do not consider the importance of accurate data to enable clear visibility of the energy generated, consumed and the excess fed back into the grid. Only when a business has this data, can it really measure the impact that solar is having on their business costs.

Purchase Direct has partnered with one of the UK’s solar specialists, to not only offer businesses competitive rates on commercial PV installation but also provide accurate data and reporting on the energy generated, as well as the energy consumed and fed back into the network. This combined with Purchase Direct’s reporting on normal energy consumed from the network, provides businesses with everything they need to understand exactly the impact PV has on their consumption.  Our energy reports provide the following:

  • Consolidate and clearly display import consumption, PV generation and PV export energy, on a half hourly basis.
  • Detailed data on energy savings on PV generation and consumption, as well as the revenue generated from exporting back to the grid.

Our solution ensures the generation data format matches the import data on the main supply, complying with the same industry meter standards and levels of accuracy. Access to the Purchase Direct portal will allow sites to plot all data points, over any chosen period to monitor the benefits of the PV system and potentially identify faulty equipment if expected generation or export levels are not achieved.  In addition, daily reports can be targeted, to ensure sites maintain energy efficiency and consumption isn’t wasted on site, irrespective of being generated by the PV system or imported from the grid.  If your business already has PV installed, our reporting solution can be added.

If you are considering implementing PV with your business, our solar partner is currently offering a further 25% reduction on the purchase of PV panels.  For further information please contact us on 01707 299 100 or email