Energy Management

Monitoring, controlling and conserving energy whilst keeping up to date with environmental compliance can be a time-consuming and often complicated task for any business. For over a decade energy prices have become more volatile, with the overall trend seeing prices rise, sometimes significantly. Although energy pricing can be a challenge to control, due to many external factors affecting the commodity markets, it is possible to regulate your energy consumption and thereby minimise the impact of future energy price increases by simply using less.

Purchase Direct’s Energy Management Programme often achieves savings of over 20% in cost and carbon emissions by monitoring consumption and applying simple no cost and low-cost measures. We ensure that energy reduction remains practical across all business departments to improve the bottom-line without negatively affecting the productivity of the business.

Energy Management ensures systems are running as efficiently as possible, eliminating wasted energy wherever possible, which reduces both costs and impact on the environment. Winning over the hearts and minds of employees is crucial for our Programme as this is often one of the principle drivers to achieve success for all involved.

As independent advisors, we are unconstrained by suppliers, technologies, products or solutions, enabling us to provide an impartial service with our clients’ interests always kept paramount.