Employee Savings

Save your staff up to £1,000 each year

Treat your staff to hundreds of discounts with your own cost-effective Employee Savings portal, branded with your company logo. Your team will get access to a wide range of benefits, where they can save on everything from the daily essentials to high value purchases.

Key benefits of utilising our Employee Savings scheme:

  • Drive employee engagement and promote financial wellbeing by helping your staff to stretch their pay further
  • Save employees a significant amount of money at hundreds of retailers – from grocery and home improvement
    shopping, to savings at restaurants, cinemas and other leisure attractions.
  • Reward your staff by helping them to extend their disposable income without a big expense to your organisation

Our scheme features the following:

  • Employee Savings white-label website which is username and password protected, with your company branding
  • A free communication programme to help with engagement from your employees
  • Regular promotions to help employees save even more
  • Additional employee perks available, such as Cycle to Work

The Employee Savings portal is constantly evolving with special promotions and the introduction of new retail brands, to ensure uptake is as high as possible and that your business reaps the rewards of motivated employees.

For a demonstration of our Employee Savings portal, please contact us.

Here are just a few of the categories and major retail brands where you will be able to save: