Modern Slavery

Definition of Slavery:

Slavery is where ownership is exercised over a person; servitude involves the obligation to provide services imposed by coercion; forced or compulsory labour involves work or service exacted from any person under the menace of a penalty and for which the person has not offered himself voluntarily; human trafficking concerns arranging or facilitating the travel of another with a view to exploiting them.

Purchase Direct Limited (the Company) opposes slavery and human trafficking in all its forms and makes this statement to set out the steps we have taken to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our business or in our supply chains.

The Company will ensure that it will comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and has put strict measures in place to ensure that no slavery is part of any of our business operations that includes our supply chains, goods and services. This statement outlines:-

  • The sector(s) the business operates in and whether any of its work is seasonal
  • The Company’s structure and group relationships
  • The countries the Company sources its goods or services from including high risk countries where modern forms of slavery are prevalent
  • The make-up and complexity of the supply chains
  • The businesses operating model
  • Relationships with suppliers and others, including trade unions and other bodies representing workers

An overview of the Company’s organisational structure, its business and supply chains is as follows:

The Company provides cost reduction consultancy services entirely within the United Kingdom. Most customers are retail franchised motor dealerships, however the Company also provides services to a wide range of businesses and organisations. There is no seasonal work involved in the business.

The Company is wholly owned by one of the Directors. This share holder also has control over other wholly owned companies YF&I Ltd, Outsourced Waste Ltd and Outsourced Telecom Ltd. There are no subsidiaries or holding companies.

All goods and services are sourced within the UK.

The supply chain is very simple, as follows:

Kit purchased for resale in IT, telecoms or energy management is purchased within the UK from reputable suppliers.

Office equipment and stationery for own use is sourced from reputable companies within the UK.

The operating model consists of:

Account managed buying service and consumption reduction strategies.

Telecoms, gas, electricity and water brokerage service.

Account managed energy management and telecoms consumption reduction strategies.

The Company works with customers for many years in order to establish strong working relationships and a good understanding of customer requirements.

The Company forges long standing supplier relationships based upon mutual trust and understanding. The Company pays suppliers invoice on time as per supplier terms or earlier.

The Company has no formal trade union recognition arrangements. The Company is firmly committed to promoting employee welfare by listening to employee wishes through the Investors in People scheme. Some outcomes of this include: enhanced pension scheme, death in service, stress helpline, and charity days.

We are committed to ethical trading principles and to acquiring goods and services without harm to others. We audit our suppliers to ensure their production sites meet our very high standards and to ensure that they are committed to ethical labour practices. We work with customers to ensure optimum environmental friendliness. This will also extend to their employment practices and procedures to ensure that no slavery or human trafficking exists in their business.

The Company has a Supplier Code of Conduct that forms part of the supplier agreement.

Any recruitment agencies we use we will ensure that they have strict compliance to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and require confirmation from them that no agency worker is being exploited as part of any slavery or human trafficking.

The Company has a Recruitment and Selection Policy that ensures compliance with equal opportunities and states that recruitment agencies used come from the Company’s Preferred Supplier Listing.

If it is established that any employee has committed an offence as follows, they will be subject to the Company’s Disciplinary Process:

  • the person holds another person in slavery or servitude and the circumstances are such that the person knows or ought to know that the other person is held in slavery or servitude, or
  • the person requires another person to perform forced or compulsory labour and the circumstances are such that the person knows or ought to know that the other person is being required to perform forced or compulsory labour.

If a supplier is found to have committed the above then the Company will cease trading with them immediately and the Company will consider reporting them to the Police.

The Company will provide suitable training for all employees to ensure that they are aware of this Statement and can be vigilant in identifying and reporting any concerns they have.

The Company has a Business Ethics and Integrity and Code of Conduct policies for its employees to comply with.

Anthony Landau, Managing Director

Date: 07/03/2022