With climate change becoming an increasingly hot topic, it is more difficult for businesses to ignore their own corporate responsibility and we have committed to achieving carbon neutrality status, in accordance with PAS 2060. 

PAS 2060 is an internationally recognised standard allowing businesses to demonstrate credible and accurate declarations of carbon neutrality, produced and published by BSI and the Carbon Trust.

Anthony Landau, Purchase Direct’s Managing Director said, “We are pleased to be helping to reduce our impact on the environment and prepare for future governmental green targets. Purchase Direct will achieve PAS 2060 carbon neutral status during 2022 and we are also currently being accredited to ISO 14001 through the British Standards Institution.  We feel that as we are now helping our customers achieve carbon neutrality, it is only right that we too should play our part and meet the Standard.” 

A growing number of Purchase Direct’s customers are also looking to make the commitment to being carbon neutral and in response to this requirement Purchase Direct’s Energy Management team have set up their Driving Net Zero programme, which provides a simple and effective route to carbon neutrality in line with PAS 2060 standards.  The Driving Net Zero programme is tailored to specific business requirements and will calculate a business’ carbon footprint.  Once this has been determined, a Carbon Management Plan is developed which outlines specific targets for reduction and an offsetting plan. All documentation supporting carbon neutrality status is made publicly available, allowing stakeholders to understand how a business has reduced its impact on the environment.  

Fix Auto Dagenham has already completed our programme, achieving carbon neutrality in line with PAS 2060.  Director Paul Cunningham, commented, “As an organisation we are very conscious of our carbon footprint, so we took the business initiative to become a greener bodyshop. Being unsure on how best to tackle the task ahead, we turned to Purchase Direct who were able to offer a comprehensive programme to help us become carbon neutral. Being certified is just the start of the journey and we are looking forward to making continuous improvements to both our business and the wider environment over the coming years.” 

If you would like to receive further information about the Driving Net Zero programme, contact our Energy Management team on 01707 299 100 or email info@purchase-direct.co.uk.