We are committed to constantly evolve our procurement services to deliver increased cost savings and improved service levels, and we are pleased to share with you that we have launched a new Waste Tyre Collection and Disposal Service through our sister company, Outsourced Waste Ltd.

As a Waste Broker, we have partnered with a specialist supplier to offer a Waste Tyre Service, which is only available through waste brokers. The new scheme is currently delivering savings of over 30% for our customers in the motor trade – this service has been well received as it provides a cost-effective route for the disposal of scrap tyres in an environmentally friendly way, whilst also providing improved management information and reporting. 

Purchase Direct supports over 50% of the UK’s franchise motor dealers with procurement and our group buying power has already prompted a reduction in price since introducing the service, and we expect pricing to continue to improve as volumes increase. 

Generally our Waste Brokerage Service enables us to achieve significantly better pricing by partnering directly with specialist suppliers, and the service has seen significant growth with an increasing number of customers switching their waste services to Outsourced Waste. The scheme doesn’t just consider the cost of the removal of waste, we achieve about half our savings by ensuring the optimum solution is in place for waste management, collections and recycling services. In many cases reducing waste costs by more than 50%, which is why so many of our customers are switching to our managed service.

For more information about how our Waste Tyre Collection Service or any of our Waste Management Services could reduce your business costs, please contact us on 01707 299 100 or email