Confirmation of reporting changes for ESOS Phase 3

Last summer the Environment Agency extended the deadline for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) completion to 5th June 2024, in order to ensure there was reasonable time for participants to meet the planned new ESOS requirements and for assessments to be carried out (extended from 5 December 2023). 

However, until recently the changes that caused the delay to ESOS hadn’t been fully documented.  We can now confirm that the full impact on the scheme is now clear and details have now been published in detail. There is now clearer detail on the reporting required on the actions taken to improve your energy efficiency following the previous phases of ESOS.

What’s new in Phase 3

Everything that was there before is still there, they’ve just added to it: 

  • Intensity metrics have been added to the reporting 
  • De minimis reduces to 5% from 10%
  • An action plan must be created to target the reduction of consumption
  • Annual reporting against the action plan must be integrated into your SECR reporting
  • More detail on how reductions are implemented will be mandatory within the ESOS Audits
  • Participants are required to report on the actions taken following previous ESOS Phases

If you haven’t already contacted us and you’d like to work with Purchase Direct’s Compliance Team on ESOS Phase 3, then drop an email to your Account Manager or your SECR contact to let us know and we’ll pull a quotation together for you to agree.

If you already have an ESOS Service agreement in place with Purchase Direct you do not need to do anything, we will continue to monitor announcements and changes in relation to your ESOS compliance.