Britain’s electricity grid had ‘greenest ever’ day on Easter Monday

Great Britain’s electricity system was the greenest it had ever been at lunchtime on Easter Bank Holiday Monday, reported the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO).

Low demand for power, together with sunny and blustery conditions, helped renewable energy sources dominate the energy mix over the weekend. 

At 1pm on Monday, zero carbon energy sources made up almost 80% of the nation’s power – wind power made up 39% of the electricity mix, solar power 21% and nuclear 16%.  There was no coal generation on the grid and just 10% of power was from gas plants. The effectiveness of green energy sources helped reduce levels of carbon dioxide produced per unit of electricity consumed to just 39 grams – the lowest ever recorded, according to the ESO.

The new record is a cause for celebration as the government aims to have almost all electricity produced from low carbon sources by 2030, and it provides another example of how Britain’s energy system is transforming with the industry moving away from fossil fuels as the volume of renewable energy sources increases.

With the increase in renewable energy generation we are finding that more and more businesses are looking to source green energy tariffs to play their part in the drive to achieving a more sustainable environment.  The news from Easter Monday just goes to demonstrate how far Britain has come in terms of low carbon electricity generation.

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