£120,000 donated to Save the Children

Since 2017 Purchase Direct has committed to make a fixed charitable donation each month to Save the Children, which this month has reached the grand total of £120,000. 

As a business, we are pleased to be able to provide continued financial support for vulnerable children in the UK and around the world – and it’s thanks to the hard work from all our staff which enables us to make this contribution.

Alicia Wiltshire, Senior Regional Corporate Manager at Save the Children, commented: “Thank you so much for the incredible generosity and compassion Purchase Direct have shown through their support, reaching an incredible milestone of £120,000. To put this into context, this could help over 375 families survive the winter with warm clothes, heaters and fuel.

“Purchase Direct’s donations help children in the UK and around the world get the food, medicine and education they need to make it through the toughest times of their lives, so they can go on to fulfil their potential. It’s with children’s endless energy and the determination of supporters like Purchase Direct, we’re helping create a fairer world and change the future for good.”