Introducing PD EV: An advanced Electric Vehicle Charging Management Solution for Motor Dealers

PD EV offers an electric vehicle (EV) charging management solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of motor dealers and service centres. Our innovative software and seamless user experience allows us to place the correct charge, with the correct customer, in real time. The software will allocate a charge to a vehicle or user, which can then be paid via the mobile app, or invoiced to the customer by the service department.

Why choose PD EV for your Motor Trade Business?

  • Compatibility with leading hardware manufacturers: As a dealership or service department, catering to a variety of EV charging manufacturers and models is crucial for your business success. Whether you’re servicing customer vehicles or charging your fleet, PD EV ensures compatibility and reliability every time.
  • Tailored Cost Allocation: We understand the importance of cost management in the motor industry. With PD EV, you can allocate charging costs to specific vehicles, customers, and staff. This ensures accurate billing and transparent expenses.
  • Efficient and Reliable: Time is money in the motor industry, and downtime is not an option. PD EV charger management software gives you the information you need to ensure your charging stations are working and able to deliver fast and reliable charging to your EV fleet or customer vehicles, ensuring minimal disruption to your business if any of your chargers fail.
  • Streamlined Operations: Our software is designed with the motor trade industry in mind, it has easy-to-use functionalities that streamline operations and ensure that charges are traceable and passed on correctly to the right customer.
  • Commitment to our customers: At PD EV, we’re committed to supporting our customers. By using our software, you can increase your revenue and reduce your energy expenditure by cutting out unregulated use of your chargers.  We can also help to support you through any new hardware integration, ensuring you understand the initial expenditure and your potential ROI.
  • Keep your forecourts clear of unwanted drivers: Unlike other software providers, PD EV will never put your chargers onto the open network. We understand that space on the forecourt is precious but also that you need the ability to allow visiting customers to charge up their EV. With PD EV you can do both.

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